It’s swimsuit season, which means it’s that time of year to flaunt your body in all it’s stretch-marked glory.

Rather than photoshopping those “glitter stripes” out, Asos’ has a policy not to “artificially adjust photographs of models to change their appearance.” And Twitter users are taking note.

so nice to see a model without photoshop, she is gorgeous without airbrushing stretch marks👙 @ASOS

round of applause to ASOS for not editing out their models stretch marks, finally realistic body images are being promoted, so beautiful 👏🏻💖

I honestly love asos for not editing out their models stretch marks 👏

I loveeee that they haven't airbrushed her stretch marks! Go @ASOS !!!! 😍😍

Wow just saw stretch marks on a bathing suit model. Well done @ASOS !! Made a customer out of me!

The stretch marks are indeed the models’ own, a spokeswoman for the brand told HuffPost. Asos only retouches clothing and products in its photos, usually adjusting the color so they’ll look more like they do in real life, she added. 

Here are a few more shots from the site. 

We and our stretch marks are so ready for swim season. Well done, Asos!

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